Julie Emerald

A treasure for everyone

Timor Treasures got hacked big time whilst I had my back turned at UNI. I will rebuild as soon as I can create time to do a good job. Lots of intricacies involved so hang in there. UPDATE July 2020...getting nearer...tune back in soon. Until then stay well In saying.... if there is anything that you are specifically interested in such as masks, statues, ikat textile weavings, betel nut and associated paraphernalia, bone and buffalo horn scrimshaw carvings, curios and carved animist skulls you are welcome to email me hello@timortreasures.com as I have documented large amounts of the collection and will be able to send images and specs. September 2019 I went to Timor treasure hunting. Until then look after your world and those in it. And keep an eye on the bigger picture too. Blessings

South Murwillumbah 2484 | 0428393412