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Timor Treasures : A treasure for everyone. Authentic Timorese Handcraft from wood to weavings, bone and coral to coconut
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We are based in sunny Queensland Australia and all prices quoted are in AUD. Freight within Australia is included ONLY ON Kapok products. ALL OTHER PRODUCTS FREIGHT IS ADDITIONAL. See Zzfreight at bottom of categories on left here to get an idea of postage costs.

Natural Vegan fiber, Non-toxic, Sustainable, KAPOK bedding, doona’s quilts duvets, pillows and mattresses. All your alternative bedding answers are here with chemical free long lasting Kapok.

See under KAPOK in the category listings to the left.

Timor Treasures has an extensive selection of hand woven ikat weaving textiles suitable for everyone. Novices, Collectors and Museums will find a range unequaled elsewhere on the internet. Scarves/selendang, Blankets/selimut, Sarong/tais. Each one unique. All hand woven on a simple back-strap loom. Plus many more.

Masks, statues, betel nut containers, bone scrimshaw, ceremonial animal skulls, grass woven baskets, traditional wooden toys, spinning tops, dice and games, mats, bilum bags and horse saddle bags all truly traditional tribal handcraft….can be found by browsing the categories to the left. If you want to look for craft from specific areas just clik the arrow on the Manufacturers drop down then clik the area you are interested in. AGAIN email me if there is not enough of a selection of what you are after because we cannot list all of the amazing treasures that we have.

FOSSIL Timor Permain, upper Triassic ammonites, blastoids, crinoids, internal and external brachiopods and bi-valves, Miocene Fossil Coral. Email us about these as they are too numerous to list on the site here.

You are welcome to phone me, Julie Emery, on 0011 61 7 54491498 or email any questions.

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Due to the challenges and variations involved in giving fair postage costs to our clients both national and international the shopping cart function is unable to add the cost of shipping. You will find current postage costs under zzFreight in categories on the left. Check the weight of the product you are interested in and then allow some extra weight for packaging materials then check the individual tables for an indication of postage. Gradually we are adding an alphabet code at the end of each product description that you can apply to the postage tables. Place your order in the shopping cart then wait for an amended invoice from us before paying. Thanks for your understanding. You are always welcome to email or phone me first and we will provide a quote. julie@timortreasures.com.

Blessings and thanks from Julie and Delphi.

Ojek Riders

Timor is a land of contrast which could not be shown more clearly than by these OJEK riders who were having a FREE DRESS day. These tireless fellows ferry villagers and goods to and from their kampungs hidden in valleys off the Trans the Timor Highway that runs like a twisted spine along the mountainous center of the island. The roads they traverse, like the ribs off the spine, carrying the hum of daily life in Timor are often treacherous and usually eroded and heavily potholed (and we are not even talking about wet season travel here).

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