Sandalwood Oil, Powder, Cones & Gum Resin Incense Kits

Throughout the 1990’s I was blessed to be in East and West Timor at a time when true Timorese Sandalwood oil and products were being produced. Although primarily for the Chinese and Indonesian markets, I managed to get a hold of limited quantities of Santalum album essential oil direct from the factory [yes, I watched the drops fill my bottles from the steam extraction unit]. I also obtained reasonable quantities of Sandalwood dust and powder with the OIL STILL IN and also the Oil extracted.
Early in the nineties I came across the Sandalwood and Gaharu incense cone making establishment and grabbed as much as I could afford at the time. Along the way various carvings and chunks of Santalum album have also come to me. I offer these limited supply treasures here. When these stocks are gone ‘that’s it folks’ as the outgoing Indonesians destroyed the factory in East Timor in 1999 and successive mismanagement regimes from Indian to Chinese to Indonesians has all but destroyed the remaining supplies and broken continuity.
A lifelong passion of 40 years of collecting gum resins and odiferous substances from across the globe and in particular the highlands of West Timor, Bali and Java have filled my boxes with some unique gum resins including extra special compounds.
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