Gum Resin Incense Kits

A lifelong passion of 40 years of collecting gum resins and odiferous substances from across the globe and in particular the highlands of West Timor, Bali and Java have filled my boxes with some unique gum resins including extra special compounds.
Early Covid some friends needed $ so I set about creating a 10m table onto which we spread those 40 years of collecting. We spent the next few weeks bagging and tagging and creating 3 unique gum resin incense kits for you. Each kit contains a selection of gum or compounded resins along with the charcoal blocks on which to infuse them. We offer tongs and sieves as optional accessories plus extra charcoal blocks. Our charcoal blocks are bamboo or coconut and do not have Salpeter or nitrates in them. Instructions come in your recyclable packaging container.
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