Eagle Attack Snake Wood Statue Animist Fetish Charm Hand Carved West Timor – C1990


Hunched over eagle / vulture with long beak and talons grasping a snake curled about the base quintessentially Timorese


C1403:  Acquired in West Timor early in my field collecting days, I have not seen one like it since.

Carved with heart this is an exceptional example of Timorese animist reverence. Tricky to photograph this 3D carving.

Hunched over eagle / vulture with long beak and talons grasping a snake curled about the base.

A solid piece of redwood that has darkened to this burgundy over time.

This carving has a Shamanic feel to it.

Hand carved. C1990’s

16cm tall x 10cm wide x 7cm base

6.25″ tall x 4″ wide x 2.5″ base

380g / 13.5oz

Timor has a long tradition of carving ancestor or guardian figures for various functions. One is to protect those still earthbound within the family and another is to use as a “photograph” to tell stories of the person to descendants. Fetish and fertility statues have their place in the society and are used by the Dukun or village Shaman to bring about auspicious circumstances for women and crops. Totem poles and offering platforms are still be found dotted throughout the kampongs in the highlands and along the coast.

If you wish to gather multiple treasures, and International buyers are welcome, this website and shop cart should allow for it. If not I will contact you to find the most economical way to send your treasures to you.

International clients are welcome. Aus Post has returned the international 250gr small parcel. This is great news. YAY! A true shame that they have not done so for domestic.

I am Julie and have been collecting Timorese Treasures in the field since 1990 when I won a prize for overseas travel in a pub in Darwin [true]. I had no idea at the time that I had stumbled upon an Aladdin’s cave of authentic traditional tribal textiles and treasures. I have been returning annually ever since [well most years] and been witness to many changes across the last 3 decades. Who knows when we will be able to travel there again to obtain such treasures?

NOTE: We use recycled packaging

Clearly none of us are sure what will happen post COVID, but I do know that the villagers, carvers and weavers up in the mountains will be grateful when some outside dollars comes into their informal/circular economy. Therefore every purchase you choose to make with me will benefit the Atoni [people of West Timor] as soon as I can get back there.

I distribute reading glasses and nutritious food seeds as the soil in the western half of Timor is very poor and water a precious resource. Please contact me if you wish to contribute.

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