Ammonites, Blast, Crin, Dent, Oids, Bi’s & Brachs

In this section I have done my best to display some of the incredible range of Fossils from Timor. 2 major fossil beds contribute to the variety here. 220myo Baun Amarasi Ammonites and 280-300myo Ammonites from Bobonaro Scaly clay Sonnebait formation which runs from SoE in TTS along the spine of West Timor into East Timor gifting us with Blastoids, Crinoids, Dentoids, Ammonites and a range of brachiopods, molluscs, gastropods, bi-values, cephalopods and some yet to be identified.
Timor has been famous for over 100 years for its rich Permian-Triassic marine macrofossils. Beautifully illustrated paleontological studies include those on ammonites (Welter 1922, Diener 1922), corals (Gerth 1921), crinoids and blastoids (Wanner 1916-1949), brachiopods (Broili 1916), molluscs (Krumbeck 1921), etc. Unfortunately, much of this material was collected from loose blocks or obtained from villagers, so stratigraphic context is often unclear. – Baun Amarasi Ammonites

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This excellent 50+ page paper lists all of the Timor Permian invertebrates and includes a detailed list of references: Charlton, T.R., et al. (2002) – Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 20(6):719-774
The Permian of Timor: stratigraphy, palaeontology and palaeogeography.