Fossil Coral & Red Coral

Fossilised coral is from the Sunu incline around the area of Hane in the central highlands of West Timor and dates to the Miocene era (6-10 MYO). Timor is described as an “uplifted faulted margin of the former Australian craton composed of Permian to Cretaceous aged rock. Miocene and lower rocks form a thin layer in some areas.
I have secured a positive identification and fossil status for these amazing corals. The Department of Environment and Water Resources, who acts on behalf of CITES, has agreed that they are a petrified fossil and not a risk as they are a technically a rock. Certification will come in your parcel unless you request otherwise.
The red coral was procured from a beach nearby which appears to attract this particular coral. Customs accepted the entry of these pieces after inspection on arrival in Australia.