Bamboo Lime Powder Betel Nut Scrimshaw Hand Carved

Offering a fine selection of the diverse BAMBOO Lime powder containers known as Kal au in the central highlands of West Timor. These containers have a slim neck specific for holding lime powder and are always decorated with traditional tribal motif. The motifs, as in the textiles, are repeated with slight variations in each piece making every one unique.

Since 2010 there has been a steady evolution in the creation of story book containers adding another dimension to this unique craft. The precision with which the carvers create the motif using the simplest of tools is seen as they dance around the body of the containers.

Craft in any culture is not a static thing and to bear witness to this evolution has been a special highlight of my career.

The making of Kal au and Tiba is a past-time that men engage in whilst resting beneath the trees from the toil of the garden in the heat of the day or beneath the grass thatch beehive shaped LOPO that is the day time rest/activity place.
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