Musical Instruments & Cowbells

The ever resourceful Timorese create some unique and unusual musical instruments. As these instruments are not always made for commercial sale these items are not easy to come by.

The Timorese make and use GONGS , DRUMS – Boko, GUITARS – Juke , VIOLINS -Biola, JUICE/JEWS/JAW HARPS from both metal and bamboo , FEKU are simple wooden or fossil dentoid FLUTES , handbeaten brass BELLS and bamboo RECORDERS.

In ceremony it is the women who play the gongs and drums and the men who dance holding their swords aloft with ankles adorned in bands of goat skin with brass bells tinkling in time with feet as light as air.

Cowbells are all made by hand from either wood or bamboo and hung around the lead cows neck. Like the FEKU or Flute they each have their own distinctive sound and enable the shepard to call or locate their herd (or single animal) in the jungles and valleys.

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