Blankets and Throws

Mens ‘blankets’ or beti-naek represent both clothing and status within Timorese culture. Still woven and worn daily with pride Timorese men usually own 2, one of which wraps around his body and is held in place with a sash or the rare hand-made leather belt and the other is tossed casually across the shoulders and drawn down of an evening as the mountain air chills.
Each weaving is unique and tells us of the weavers clan and had been created in 2 or 3 panels on a simple back-strap loom. Some of the women weavers of Timor continue to hand-spin cotton and use a charming, although limited, range of natural dyes. Others choose to use commercial thread with factory dyes.
Depending on the area and traditional construction within the weavings we are presented with a stunning array and variation of motif and arrangements. I hope you enjoy browsing this truly special selection of highly underrated textiles.
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