Care instructions for your textile

Have a look at the provenance label on your weaving, this will tell you the village your textile was woven in, the name of the motif and maybe even the name of the weaver herself. It will also tell you if she used hand-spun cotton & natural dye or factory thread & commercial dye.
As a general rule both types of weaving can be hand-washed or even put through the gentlest cycle on your washing machine.
Most dyes are fixed by the weaver during the dying process however it is a good idea to check commercial dyes for fastness. All textiles ‘bleed’ a little, do not be alarmed, this is normal and your weaving will mellow like fine wine over time.
Drying is best done on a towel either flat on a table or over the clothesline preferably in the shade.
No two weavings are ever the same. Each is a unique representation of the weavers’ story, clan and spatiality. For this reason I have documented, for public record, every one of the over 2000 textiles and bags I have traded across the last 30 years.
For more detailed information about the variety and meaning of Timorese textiles please refer to “Traditional Textiles of West Timor: Regional Variations in Historical Perspective” Yeager & Jacobson.