Tubular Sarongs / Tais

Women wear tais or these tubular sarongs. Not many are offered for sale as the weaving women of Timor are kept busy making scarves, shawls, men’s blankets, betel nut bags, sashes to hold up the blankets to be able to find extra time to make more than one Tais for themselves or the kids.
Once again, the superb selection on offer here represents a truly unique cross section of Timorese textiles and each one is a one-off, the weaver will never weave the same construction twice, there is always a subtle variation that remains true to her ‘story’ motif and construction.
Utilising hand-spun cotton and natural dyes or commercial thread and factory dyes the women weavers of Timor hold the flame maintaining a stunning standard of textiles created on a simple back-strap loom.
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